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Mango Leggings Zara Top Zara Blouse Michael Kors Bag Fashion ID Necklace

In the summer I was sick of wearing black, I loved colours like white. But now I am in love with black again…I think that’s normal for this season. I also think I need to go shopping to buy more jumpers and so on for this fall…like every woman I need some new stuff. So thanks Glamour for national Glamour Shopping Week! Can’t wait! I am really thinking about to buy new beautiful high shoes for fall. I prefer flats and I already have high shoes, but I often use to wear flats. So I need beautiful, sexy and comfortable high shoes for fall…Any tipps? I love this post, especially because it includes two of the very few photos of us together. And to all my german readers: Happy National Day!

Photography by Kristina Schwandt